Even een verhaaltje tussendoor. Er komen waarschijnlijk meer van dit soort verhalen achteraan.

''Tell us where it is!'' The smallest of the group said to a unlucky woman, who had been caught by the Simulax. He stroked her cheek with his cybernetic claw, leaving soft marks in the flesh as he moved his claw away from the woman.

''I don't know!'' She said miserably, shaking of fear, fear of what these foul creatures might do to her, or to her family.

She was crying out loud, but the Simulax didn't care, for they didn't possess the ability of emotion anymore. Not since they became the wretched and doomed cyborgs that they were now. This process was cruel and dark, achieved though endless surgery and torture.

''You lie.'' One of the Simulax said coldly. He obviously was the leader of the group, judging by the amount of cybernetics. The other Simulax seemed to calculate how much torture it would require to get information from the woman, a most horrifying sight for any organic.

''Take her to the ship, with the others.'' He said, his tentacles moving rather hyperactive, as if they were excited. The tentacles were tainted with cybernetics, though not completely.

The Simulax immediate stopped calculating and grabbed the woman by her arms. She fainted out of fear and aversion and they had to drag her into the cargo bay. Another hundred humans were stored there too, all plunged into darkness and terror. They didn't know what would become of them, for no one ever got out of the Tower.

The woman heard the Simulax talking to each other. They all had a metallic and robotic taste in their voice, though some were only in the beginning of the Cyberanization process, and they sounded more organic.

''The Tower is too far for now. These humans need to be put to use quickly.'' The tentacled leader said to the others. They answered with a short buzz and left the cargo hold, sealing the door behind them.

''You heard that?'' The woman said to another human, who was sitting in the corner. ''We're not going to the Tower!''

''For the time being.'' Another human, a man in his thirties, claimed. ''We're all going to die, that's for sure!''

''Don't be a fool. We may have a change to live. Hope.'' A old man said, with a twinkle in his eye. ''I know we will.''

At that moment a Simulax came into the cargo hold, and everyone was silent. He had two children with him, and the woman let out a yell of delight. It were her children, alive!

''You, come with me.'' The Simulax said, restraining the children from running to their mother. He grabbed the mother by her arm and pulled her out of the cargo hold. He threw her and the two children into a small room, which looked very much like a torture room.

He took a needle and tightened his grip around the boy's hand, while also holding the girls arm.

''Now, where is the ring?''